Very Desperate Wetting Hdwetting Jeans

Extremely desperate to pee, Sosha is only too happy to get to wet her pants in this video.When we take movies for HD Wetting, we take a few per day. What you see here is the first video of this shoot. Before we got around to filming Sosha had drank a few cups of java , suffered through a long car ride, and had to fight not to have a accident as we have the camera and sound gear set up. Once we were prepared to proceed we hit list and here is the video that resulted.We begin using Sosha standing in the front of the camera, obviously very desperate to pee. It’s obvious how awful she wants to go as she is pressing her thighs tightly together and bouncing around. As she struggles to not wet herself, she understands how she came to be this distressed; the cups of coffee, the long car ride, and the wait to receive ready to record the video.Now, using the camera rolling, and she is free to pee. Putting a GoPro camera onto the ground, she squats on it proceeds to pee through her panties. She has never been so pleased to pee in her pants. The look on her face is one of pure bliss because she lets go, soaking the denim fabric and creating a puddle on the ground below her. When there was any doubt, we now can actually appreciate how desperate she needs to been based upon the amazing volume of pee that’s exiting her bladder.After she’s done worshiping she stands up and talks in detail about how it sensed to urine in her jeans. She turns around for us, revealing of her soaked trousers, before saying goodbye. The movie isnt over quite yet, we finally get to see the video from the GoPro camera underneath her, then played back in slow motion so we can savor every individual fall of her distressed pants wetting.

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