NAKED FROGTIED made 69 2019

I´ve been watching the two hot sexy roommates Sarah Brooke and Bella Ink so I pose as a police officer to arrest them for a stolen car in the driveway. I tell the dumb broads that they are going to jail unless they cooperate with me. Reluctantly they agree to do whatever I say if I don´t haul them in. I demand that they both shut up and strip off their clothing. Sweet Sarah begins to unbutton her blouse and she´s painfully shy. I laugh at her teeny tiny miniscule g-string and make the bimbos remove their underwear too. I XXXX leggy Bella down on the floor and rope her long leg up in a tight frogtie doing the same to one of redhead Sarah´s legs. They both start sobbing and I continue tying them up. I order Bella to shove a big rag into Sarah´s mouth and wrap her head with elastic bandage. Poor Sarah´s eyes widen in fear as she becomes massively gagged. Somehow limber Bella manages to get up on one leg and she hops to the door on the one leg try to escape. I drag her back and tie her other leg. I make the dumb blonde self gag herself with a rag and some clear tape silencing her big mouth. Both of their pussies are staring me right in the face! I roll Bella over and shove her arms together behind her back crushing her elbows painfully together as she moans into her gag. Poor bound Sarah stares in fear knowing she is next. I bind up pretty Sarah´s arms tightly together behind her back and roll the two girls into position for a XXXX frogtied 69. I tie a rope onto Bella´s neck and secure it down between Sarah´s legs shoving her head right up into Sarah´s pussy. I move over to Sarah and do the same to her tying her head up into Bella´s pussy. I tell the bound bimbo that I get off on watching this and leave them struggling in each other´s pussy in a nice frogtied 69!!


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