Catch a Thief: Caught in the Act 2019 Tim Taylor shoe licking, Gay

Tim Taylor, the little sneaky thief Tim Taylor, breaks into Oskar’s house. Oskar was the guy Taylor had tricked the previous week. Oskar jumps Tim Taylor as he is taking the silver and candlesticks. He then cuffs him behind his back and drags him up to a corner. Then he rips the balaclava that was covering his face. As Tim pleads with Oskar over and over to not hurt him, we see how whiny he is. OskarA gets annoyed by his whining. OskarA gags Tim and then drags him down another flight of stairs until he reaches a room in dark blue with only a bed and a cage for his puppy. Oskar puts Tim in the cage and locks him out. He returns bare-chested, dressed in boots and leather pants, dissatisfied to find that Tim had peed on his pants. Oskar tells Tim that even though they enjoyed a gentle and pleasant sex the week prior, which was exactly how Tim wanted, now theyA’re doing things their way. HeA’s also decided that Tim must make a career shift and be his slave or go to prison. TimA is given no choice and TimA begins his training. TimA is still gagged and his hands are still behind his back. TimA is tied with one end of the long chain around his neck. The other ends are secured to the top of the single-bed steel frame. This gives him only a few steps to go in any direction. Tim is forced to remove his clothes from his neck and give them to Oskar. Oskar goes through Tim’s pants pockets and finds TimA’s wallet, and they discover that TimA is a missing child who will not be found by anyone. Oskar locks TimA’s clothes in another room and threatens him with either punishment or the gag if TimM makes annoying mouth sounds or misbehaves. Tim learns to kiss OskarA and his boots. Tim is often regagged when he speaks out of his turn.

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