Young redhead biker babe Maggie Mead has been hanging around my gang. We conduct into a chop shop in the center house and it& so acute;s been goldmine!! I hear she dropped the dime on my whole operation and that little miss her mouth was running into the police! She rolls a bike into the store bragging about her newest find. What a fucking want be biker chick – that I place a recording device planted on the controller panel and look closely. WTF!!!! Maggie lets out a blood curdling scream as she is zapped by me and down she goes limp as a ragdoll onto the hard cement. That&acute with it!! I whip off my studded belt and then bind her elbows Welcome to my world you rat!!! I slap her face and she wakes up denying and crying her activities. I&severe;ll show you what this biker universe is really like! You believe it´s so simple to be a part of my crew… that it doesn&intense;t operate that way you stupid little snitch!! I shove a giant 3 inch ball gag into her mouth that is massive and strap it closely making the drool all over the floor. I take off her leather skirt rope up her leather stiletto and leaving her into thigh high fishnet stockings and her panties high heel boots. Poor thing doesn´t know what to do. Where are your cop buddies woman??? Her tight pussy doesn´t look right without a brutal rope splitting her puffy pussy lips in 2!!! and dangling up inside it I pull on it extra between her ass cheeks. Poor Maggie Mead doesn´t have an opportunity!!! Hogtied rolling wind up around the floor fighting like the hog This is how we deal with rats missy!!!!


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