My daughter´s best friend is her biggest competitor. Hot sexy young Latina ChiChi Medina is so full of herself and is always bragging about how she wins everything and how this will just make my daughter stronger. I am so sick of her hautie attiitude and I decide to teach her a lesson. Chi Chi shows up wearing a skimpy little school girl skirt and belly baring top with bright red patent boots. I appeal to her competitive nature telling the little conceited brat how the next big competition is for the role of Carmen!! Of course the dumb bitch is clueless and I explain to ChiChi how Carmen was bound on the hill as she sang to her lover. The young little hispanic girl is intrigued and says of course she can nail the role of Carmen!! I bind her arms behind her back crushing her elbows tightly together!! She doesn´t like this and yelps out in pain, but anything for the win!!! Young and dumb and full of herself ChiChi is buying my story, hook line and sinker. I shove a huge red ball gag into her big bragging mouth and tell her she needs to learn to stretch her jaw in order to sing as well as the star of the opera Carmen!!! Awwww !!! Little ChiChi. Don´t you look adorable now in your matching ballgag?? Chi Chi´s eyes widen in fear as it slowly dawns of her that she is fucked. I quickly rope up her booted ankles and push her down onto the floor on her knees. I hogtie the bitch and pull out her perky little tits and round ass. ChiChi is so fucking loud screaming beneath the gag when I tell her that she won´t be going to audition for the role of Carmen!! She struggles and rolls around but she is unable to free herself. Yes darling little ChiChi – my precious daughter will be taking your place at the audition!!!!


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