So you want to Worship My Feet 2021 Legs, BreastSmother

Both you and Mistress T are naked in the forest. She tells you that she will grant your request to worship her feet. YouAre desperate to worship four perfect-sized feet. You can now, she says, even though they are filthy. T makes a funny face and tells you how stupid it is for you to assume that her feet will be clean after the bath. T will take whatever you give. She takes her feet from the water and raises them up towards your face. She opens her feet wide, and then tells you that it is your responsibility to clean them. These toes are clearly dirty and wet. She says, “I’d like them to be spotless after youA’re done. Even though IA will just get them dirtier again.” She looks so beautiful as she soaks her feet in water, but they are completely blackened by the mud when she gets them out. She tells you that she will get her feet dirty over and over and again and that she will clean them. Then, she adds: “You must prove to me youAre worthy to worship my feet.” After standing up, she walks across the water and then kneels down on a large rock. She has mud, gravel and even one soggy leaf covering her feet. She curls up her feet, then spreads her toes. She wants to know if your attention is being distracted by her pussy and ass. You can take the leaf off her hands and put it in your mouth. She giggles. She says to you that the mud should be taken off of her feet so she can rub it on your dick. Show me how desperate it is to cum and lick mud from my feet. You count down from ten. She tells you not to rub your skin until you reach two. She ends the countdown, and then lets you cum her dirty foot into your mouth. You are a poor, dumb little boy, don’t you think? She asks.

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