Hey guy’s I’m Diana Lio Hotlegsandfeet 2006 Diana Lion Cum On Feet, Kitchen

Hey man ’so ’m Diana Lion, a horny blue eyed blond. I’m one of these chicks like Lola, which ’s got to have it, and have it as far as I can. Most of my friends believe I’m sex mad but this is how I am, I don’t have to get a prick in me, however to have one around for me is essential. I never know for how long he’ll stay or when he s going to be around, although I really do have a boyfriend I think I really do. The same as the nightI went to sleep and when I awakened my Charlie prick was waiting and here. It was I nice surprise, that I hadn’t seen him in a few.I made Charlie a snack to eat so he can get up his energy, ” he ’s always talking about working hard and being tired, but I think that he’s been fucking around on the opposite side of town. It put his snack in front of him then place my foot up in the seat, we began caressing and massaging my leg up and down I then lifted my foot up and began rubbing . Charlie lifted it up to his mouth and grabbed my foot he started licking at my foot and shoe around, he put down my foot and that I disrobed and then began rubbing my foot across his big round balls. He maintained his shorts open and I slid right inside, rubbing his nylon covered foot up and down his thick hardening shaft. He began sucking and licking my feet and pulled out his rod, making them wet and nasty as I cut his balls and cock with my foot. Charlie came closer and I ended up on the counter top then I wrapped my toes around his cock, stroking him up and down over and over again from his nut sack up all the way. I began playing with my tits squeezing and massaging them I reached down and began rubbing against my horny twat, since Charlie sucked on my feet, massaging down and up my pink and I ft stroked his cock that was ever-growing. Charlie stood up and I put on my side and put my feet back across his penis stroking his thickness up and down I then snapped and played with tits and my pussy. Charlie held he started pumping his cock between them hard and he s never fucked my toes in this way before and grabbed both his toes, but trust me I’m not angry. We moved on to the table and I got right on top in Pet, Charlie went behind me and began sucking on my toes and feet. I began stroking him up and down and place my toes back, I could feel his cock throbbing between my feet like the beat of a drum steady and strong. Charlie caught and held my toes tightly around his hardened cock then he started fucking them hard and fast pumping in and out his prick as I rubbed on my boobs and played with my nipples. I got down on top of the desk and sat down at the seat and Charlie leaned back against the counter, grabbed my toes and began fucking them all over again. I reach down between my thighs and started playing and rubbing with my twat, it was soft warm and very moist, it felt good to be relieved. I began playing with my breast, squeezing and massaging them both as I continued licking against my cunt and stroking his penis with my nyloned covered feet. I got up on the counter tops and Charlie stood at the seat and I wrapped my feet back it wasn’t long until he had grabbed my feet and began moving them back and he liked. I got my happy ass down out along with the counter top and then sat back down in palms on the ground and the chair then I leaned back and place then I lifted put my legs. Charlie held my feet around his cock as I moved up down and them afterward he started pumping his cock as quickly and as hard as he would. He jerked himself off with long hard strokes, then cumming all over my toes and creating her nylons a creamy wreck and shot his thick throbbing cock into his hands. I sat up and also pleasure started licking at my cum coated toes clean.

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