Casey & Jordan Seancody 2012 Casey Jock, Anal

“I’d provide you a hug but am coated in jizzy pickles,” Casey said in the close of the shoot. I think it meant he was coated in cum, but I wasnt sure. At any point, it had been a very great example of how the evening had gone.Casey would be a country boy who had been only getting fun… and that he was letting it all hang out!We had began using Jordan giving Casey a long, hot massage. Jordan took his time exploring every muscle, starting with Caseys wide shoulders and working his way down to some very sensitive feet. I believe Jordan was getting off making Casey squirm! “Damn that was astonishing!” Casey stated. “Ive never been eager to become butt-ass naked in front of a guy before! I could certainly get used to that…”Casey certainly seemed the dominant of the two. He was very aggressive about getting fucked, and I believe that Jordan picked up on that and it left him more aggressive also! “He was fucking me so hard I felt it in my own mind! “This was how Casey described it later. He certainly loved it! “I think Im ten percent gay now,” he said right after he came, completely out of breath…

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