MILF housewife Fayth on Fire is home alone for the weekend and looking to have some fun so she puts on Craig&extreme;s List and requests that a rigger to tie her up and play with her. While she&extreme;s awaiting the rigger to arrive she finds me stalking about her back yard and is upset because she supposed the rigger are a man. I´m caught off guard but quickly catch up to speed about the situation and pretend I am her rigger. We enter the house and I speak Fayth into being somewhat adventurous and stripping off all her clothes. After showing that she&severe;s all weekend, so Fayth starts speaking about how she wants to be tied to shed control and I teach her to relax and revel in the experience. Scene fades in with Fayth completely tied up and testing the bondage. I notice that she´s getting really turned on by the restraint and that she pulls in the crotch rope to increase her enthusiasm. Meanwhile I go off into the kitchen and reunite with a huge sponge. I inform Fayth itacute;s crucial to become gagged for her to experience the whole damsel in distress effect and she insists. I shove the big sponge to her mouth and then wrap her head with lots of layers of thick white tape. I transfer my captive into the floor and begin to feel up her. Fayth yells in enthusiasm as she begins to roll and thrash around the ground playing damsel and seeking to shout for assistance. Fayth struggles in the tight bondage for a while moaning to nearly a orgasm but suddenly realizes she´s alone in the area. That&extreme;s once I come back and tell her since she loves to play damsel in peril I’ll be leaving her lonely in peril! Fayth still believes I am part playing decides she needs out and tries to convey the safe word but realized while heavily gag only grunts come out and starts to try her best to say that the safe word once I look at her and say that which ´s that dear, I don&severe;t know you. You have to love you predicament since you harbor ´t stated the safe term. You want to have more rope!! I put Fayth in a painful hogtie. After satisfied that the damsel is not going anywhere I catch her purse and car keys and leave her closely bound and helpless. Our heroine Ultimately realizing this is not an act begins panicking in utter terror about her situation and struggles kindly knowing her husband won’t find her until the weekend finishes… After a short time fighting she hears a knock on the door!!! It must be the real rigger and tries her very best to scream and alert on her position however, the rigger left her conquered and her cries go unheard.


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