Bathroom Door Prank Hdwetting Desperation

Lyra plays with a prank that results in Sosha peeing her trousers, but in the end, they both end up being victims within this video.Knowing that normally Sosha arrives house desperate to pee, Lyra decides to lock the toilet door, shut it, and conceal elsewhere in the home. The point is that when Sosha occurs house, desperate to pee, she will discover the door to the toilet is locked and feel it to be occupied by Lyra. Lyra would then sneak up on Sosha in tickle her, hopefully getting her to pee inside her pants.Just as Lyra planned, Sosha rushes to the bathroom when she arrives home only to find the door remains locked. She holds herself and knocks on the door, believing Lyra to be indoors, as she dances around. As she does this, she is quietly sneaked up behind by Lyra. Once close enough, Lyra slips right to a constant tickle assault.Being mercilessly tickled, and also desperate to pee, it doesnt take long for Soshas bladder to give out. Sosha pees in her pants soaking them, while still being siphoned. Lyra yells, obviously amused her prank went as she hoped. However, Sosha points out a flaw- How are either of them going to get in the bathroom today they are locked out?

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